Looking at History With New Eyes

     Don’t get me wrong.  The journey along Highway 12 in Idaho is GORGEOUS!!! You can expect to see dense cedar forests, a beautiful river that hugs the highway, and a mountain ridge that hovers above.  Enormous boulders will arbitrarily appear in the middle of the small, swift river, evoking wonder as to their origin and possible casualties at their landing.  This is all part of what Lewis and Clark experienced just over 200 years ago when they traversed this area of the Louisiana Purchase.  But had it not been for the kindness of the local Nez Perce Indian tribe, the Lewis & Clark expedition would have been cut short by hypothermia and starvation.  What a thought!!  We genuinely enjoyed learning the history of this place and tribe and hope you will, too, as you watch this week’s video (click here)!!
      Do you love history?  As a kid, history was not something that was a strong part of my educational experience.  I’ve never really *loved* history.  But a few years ago, we started reading biographies in our homeschool studies.  As we studied geography, we read the biography of a missionary that worked on each of the continents that we learned about.  Their stories inspired and captivated me.  In the following years,  I intentionally looked for biographies as we learned about ancient history and American history.  In my opinion, seeing historical events through the eyes of someone who has lived through it, is so much more fascinating than reading a dry recounting of the event itself.
     But this summer’s journey…. it took our history studies up a notch (or TEN)!!   We not only read (or more accurately, listened to audio) biographies on our journey, we saw the places that these historical figures walked, struggled, fought, negotiated, and nearly died in.  We camped in the places they hiked, hunted, portaged and slept.  We breathed the forest air, awed at the wide open landscapes they witnessed, and dipped our toes in the water they canoed in.  HISTORY CAME ALIVE.  And now, we have a greater appreciation for the hardships many have endured for the United States of America to be what it is today.
     Our goal each week as we create the videos for Doing Life Deliberately is not only to share the adventure of our travels, but also to share what we are learning with you and your family.  We hope that you will enjoy sitting around the screen together, watching history come to life.  We hope we can make you laugh, challenge your thinking, and help you learn.  In short, we want to be Doing Life Deliberately WITH YOU.
     We’d love to hear from you!!  What are some events, historical figures and places that you would like to learn more about?  What do you want to know about fulltime RV living?  What questions do you have about homeschooling on the road?  We are working on plans for 2019 and would love to hear what you would like to learn about!
     We have received several email, Facebook, and website messages offering hospitality and encouragement.  Thank you so much for your kindness and love.  We appreciate you, your prayers, and support.
Keep Doing Life Deliberately!

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