Ever wonder what it is like to be a homeschool parent? Today is your chance to follow me through a typical day of homeschooling. We currently have two teenagers and two tweens- homeschool looks vastly different now than it did ten years ago when we were just getting started. Now, our kids are able to work so much more independently than they used to. But some things do not change in homeschool, regardless of your kids’ ages or stages: schoolwork still needs to be checked and corrected, assigments need to be planned out, kids need assistance with difficult subjects and someone to keep them on task. It is a joy to see them grow- accepting responsibility for the work that needs to be done and pursuing learning rather than just trying to complete the work (a virtue we are continually working on)!

What questions do you have regarding homeschool? I would love to hear from you! Please leave your questions in the comments below.



What’s It Like to Be a Homeschool Mom?

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