One of the never-ending chores of motherhood is the mountain of laundry that never seems to shrink or disappear. But as kids grow older, more capable of following directions and accepting responsibility for household chores, laundry is one of those tasks where mom can happily pass the baton! In our latest video, I take Gideon step-by-step through the process of sorting, washing and drying the clothes properly. We talk about the necessity of sorting, how to properly use the machines and what kinds of materials are needed to wash and dry clothes.

AND, as an added bonus, I created a laundry checklist for YOU! This checklist takes the guess work out of laundry and makes washing whites, lights and dark clothing laundry frustration-free!! Just click on the link below to download your FREE laundry checklist.

Have you taught your kids how to do the laundry? At what age did you begin teaching your kids how to wash clothes? PLEASE, share in the comments down below!

Keep Doing Life Deliberately!



Hey, Mom! HOW do I do the Laundry?!?!

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